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Here you can find experts who you may contact in specific areas of expertise:
Full name Position Institution Field of study Gender Country
Dr. Boniface Akuku Dircetor ICT Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation Knowledhe and Infromation Management Male Kenya
Mr. AMOUGOU PIERRE Head of Communication Department Male Cameroon
Madam MBOMBO KALONJI Sandrine Female Democratic Republic of Congo
Dr. Dickson Baguma Director of Research Male Uganda
Dr. Bararyenya Astere Institut de Sciences Agronomiques du Burundi Burundi
Mr. Hirwa Audace Director of Documentation, Publication, Communication and Technology Promotion Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board Rwanda
Dr. Mohamed E. Alkhawad Male Sudan
Ato GezahegnTolosa Director, Information Technology & Knowledge Management Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) Male Ethiopia
Dr. Dickson Baguma Director of Research Male Uganda
Dr. Solomon Kumudan Senior Agronomist Male South Sudan
Dr. ISSALI Auguste Emmanuel Male Republic of the Congo
Ammanuel Mahdere Male Eritrea
Ms. Niavo Holisoa RATOMPOALIMANANA Knowledge Management & Communication Centre National de Recherche Applique au Developpement Rural (FOFIFA) Male Madagascar