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Here you can find experts who you may contact in specific areas of expertise:
Full name Designation Gender Institution Country Full address
Prof. Mbuya Kankolongo Amand Director General Male Democratic Republic of Congo P.O. Box 2037 Kinshasa-D.R. Congo
Dr. Taha Abdelmoneim Director General Female Agricultural Research Corporation Sudan P. O. Box 126 Wad Medani – Sudan
Dr. Eliud Kireger Director General Male Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation Kenya P.O. Box57811-00200 Nairobi, Kenya
Dr. Geoffrey Mkamilo Director General Male Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute Tanzania P. O. Box 1571 Dodoma – Tanzania
Dr. Tsegay Berhane Ghebremariam Director General Male National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) Eritrea PO. BOX 4627 City Asmara
Dr. Karangwa Patrick Director General Male Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board Rwanda
Dr. Ambrose Agona Director General Male National Agricultural Research Organisation Uganda P.O. Box 295 Entebbe, Uganda
Dr. Victor Silvano Bennet Director General Male South Sudan Republic of South Sudan, Juba
Dr. Armand Mvila Male National Agricultural Research Institute (IRA) Republic of the Congo Avenue des Premiers JeuxAfricains ; B.P. 2499 Brazzaville
Dr. Aime Lala Razafinjara Director General Female Centre National de Recherche Applique au Developpement Rural (FOFIFA) Madagascar Ampandrianomby, Route d’ Andraisoro P. O. Box 1690
Dr. Noe Woin Director General Male Institute of Agricultural Research for Development Cameroon P.O. Box 2123 Yaounde, Cameroon
Dr. Abel Kpawilina Namkoisse Director General Male The Central African Agricultural Research Institute (ICRA) Central African Republic Pk 10, avenue du 15 mars. Central African Republic
Dr. Feto Esimo Director General Male Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) Ethiopia Tel P. O. Box 2003 Addis Ababa – Ethiopia