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Knowledge Management and Upscaling Programme Strategy ASARECA

In the development of its new strategic plan, ASARECA identified knowledge management, technology uptake and upscaling as among the critical thematic areas in agricultural research for development (AR4D) that require strengthening.

Policy Analysis and Advocacy Programme Strategy ASARECA

The PAAP 2008-2013 strategy takes an integrated approach to tackling poverty by proposing approaches that will contribute to enhanced productivity and competitiveness along the value chain through reforming policies, regulations and procedures that impede investment in appropriate technologies, and that restrict sectoral growth and trade. 

Agro-biodiversity and Biotechnology Programme Strategy ASARECA

The strategy defines the scope of Agro-biotechnology to encompass a range of diverse technologies derived from molecular genetics, plant physiology (especially tissue culture related techniques), genetic engineering and the emergent sciences such as bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics as applied in crop improvement and management as well as applications of biotechnology in the livestock sub-sector. 

Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity Programme Strategy ASARECA

This strategy sets out the role of the Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA) Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity Programme in responding to livelihood and environmental management challenges in Eastern and Central Africa sub-region. 

Livestock and Fisheries Programme Strategy

To address the identified constraints facing the livestock and fisheries subsectors in the Eastern and Central Africa sub-region, the Livestock and Fisheries Programme (LFP) has identified 4 priority themes each with several sub-thematic areas of intervention. 

High Value Non-Staple Crops Programme Strategy ASARECA

In the next five years, the Programme's vision is innovative agricultural technologies in high value crops significantly contributing to increased household incomes and improved livelihoods in eastern and central Africa. 

Staple Crops Programme Strategy ASARECA

The Staple Crops Programme is responsible for agricultural research for development on the following 9 commodities: banana, cassava, potato, sweet potato, maize, sorghum, millet, rice and wheat. - See more at:

Gender Mainstreaming Strategic Plan ASARECA

Within its overall vision for change, ASARECA has taken concrete steps to mainstream gender into its agricultural research agenda and institutional framework by developing a GMS for the period 2011-2015. 

Partnerships and Capacity Development Unit Strategic Plan ASARECAa

The Partnerships and Capacity Development (PCD) unit has been created in ASARECA to manage partnerships and capacity development initiatives of the organisation. 

ASARECA Strategic Plan 2007-2016 ASARECA

ASARECA is an association of national agricultural research systems (NARS) in 10 countries of eastern and southern Africa working in concert with donors, key partners and stakeholders in agricultural research for development.