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Second ASARECA-EAAPP Report Antony M. Kilewe, Violet O. Kirigua and Daniel Kilambya

The East Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (EAAPP) was conceived in a regional perspective in which Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda will manage investment with regional objectives to foster agricultural development in the Eastern and Central Africa Sub-region. 

THIRD ASARECA EAAPP Report Antony M. Kilewe and Violet O. Kirigua

The Third ASARECA-EAAPP planning meeting was held from 24 to 28 January, 2011 at the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda and was attended by a total of 68 participants drawn from the four EAAPP countries, representative of the World Bank, Uganda regional office and ASARECA Secretariat. 

Bee-keeping for restoration of degarded ecosystems and improving livelihoods in East Africa James Ateker Okiria

Bee-keeping for restoration of degarded ecosystems and improving livelihoods in East Africa

Climate Change Report van de Steeg JA, Herrero M, Kinyangi J, Thornton PK, Rao KPC, Stern R, Cooper P.

The influence of current and future climate-induced risk on the agricultural sector in East and Central Africa.

Farmer seed initiatives on african indigenous vegetables Moses Onim and Phoebe Mwaniki


SCARDA: Improving capacity for agricultural research ASARECA

Improving capacity for agricultural research through SCARDA

SCARDA in Institutional Development Initiatives in Rwanda and Burundi ASARECA

Under the SCARDA project, ASARECA, RUFORUM and PICO team have partnered in Capacity Development initiatives in Rwanda, Burundi and Sudan. Recently, design and learning workshops were conducted at ISAR in Rwanda and ISABU in Burundi as part of the capacity building initiative. 

Farmers in the Driver's Seat Bertus Wennink, Mainza Mugoya, Lydia Kimenye and Helena Posthumus

This publication documents the activities, experiences and lessons learned from the interventions of the ASARECA project, Farmer Empowerment for Innovation in Small-holder Agriculture. The experiences will shed light on best-bet choices for in- or outsourcing of services by farmer organizations and will facilitate the replication of success factors in other countries in Eastern and Central Africa.

Integrating Agro-diversity with Conservation to Improve Livelihood in Savannah Ecosystem ASARECA

Increases in agricultural productivity and development in East and Central Africa (ECA) subregion have come in part at the expense of the natural resource base on which biodiversity and farming systems depend.

Success stores for the Crop-Livestock integration project in Uganda Kabirizi, J.; Lubega, J.;Bulegeya, M.; Ndikumana, J.;Zziwa, E.and Kyeswa, C.

From 2011 to 2013, ASARECA and the National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NaLIRRI) implemented a project.