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Consumer perceptions and valuation of quality and safety of value added beef products in ECA Lusato R. Kurwijila, Stella Makokha and Amos Omore

To assess the consumer demand for quality and safety of beef products in the ECA region.

The RABESA Project 2004-2011: Achievements and Future Prospects ASARECA

This policy brief highlights the progress made in implementing the project Regional Approach to Biotechnology and Biosafety Policy in Eastern and Southern Africa (RABESA). 

Market-focused Approach to Natural Resource Management: Experiences and Lessons from East Africa ASARECA

Declining agricultural and natural resource productivity in sub Saharan Africa call for concerted efforts in view of an increasing population, 

Improving Agricultural Water Productivity in Eastern and Central Africa ASARECA

Increase income and improve livelihoods of smallholder farmers living in water stressed environments through integrated water resources management at plot and catchment scales by strengthening forward and backward linkages between soil, water and crop resource use and commodity value chain.

Promoting climbing bean production techniques through farmer participation Mwamburi Mcharo, Maureen Katafiire, Vicky Ruganzu, Beatrice Uwumukiza, Sylvestre Ntibashirwa, Capitoline Ruraduma and Elukessu Komba

The Intensification of Climbing Bean Systems Project was initiated by the Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA) in collaboration with the National Agricultural Institutes

Enhancing biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction through sustainable management of plant genetic resources ASARECA

Following the adoption of the Global Plan of Action (GPA) and the State of the World’s Plant Genetic Resources Report, several informal consultations catalyzed by IPGRI , FAO and the Nordic Gene Bank (NordGen now)were held particularly during the FAO Commission meetings.

Drylands development, pastoralism and biodiversity conservation in Eastern Africa Aboud Abdillahi, Philip Kisoyan, Jan de Leeuw, Mohammed Said, An Notenbaert, Jane Gitau, Pablo Manzano, Roba Guyo, Shadrack Omondi, Michael Waithaka, Miriam Kyotalimye

Measuring multiple values of dryland systems provides a means for valuing, comparing and making policy decision based on various benefits of ecosystem services, and can be a powerful tool to support wise use and management of dryland environment.

Integrated management options for sustainable lowland rice-legume cropping systems in Madagascar and Tanzania G.J. Ley, Razakamiaramanana, A.J. Tenge, and Nivo Grazia Ravoavison

This project explored possibilities of increasing productivity of rice systems in the region through various management options focusing on integration with legumes.

Water harvesting and irrigation for improved crop and livestock production Kabirizi, J.; Wannyama, J.; Njarui, D.; Itabari, J.; Mugerwa, S.; Nakiganda, A.; Kaganda. S.; Nizigama. J.

Smallholders crop-livestock farming in Eastern and Central Africa is characterized by low productivity due to low and erratic rainfall. Water development for agriculture is a priority, but poorly designed and planned irrigation undermines efforts to improve livelihoods and exposes people and environment to risks. 

Consumer perceptions and valuation of quality and safety of value added dairy products in ECA Lusato R. Kurwijila, Stella Makokha and Amos Omore

Objective: To assess the consumer demand for quality and safety of dairy products in the ECA region.