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Burundi Key trends

Food Crops Research

    During the years following the country’s 2003 peace agreement, donor funding flowed rapidly, prompting increased agricultural research spending. Growing violence and political corruption have caused many donors to suspend or cut aid since and are...

    Afghanistan Election Districts

    Natural Resources Management

      This data created by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in partnership with Development Seed, a Washington, D.C.-based online communications consultancy, is designed to make data from the August 20, 2009, Afghanistan presidential election...

      U.S. Tobacco Usage Statistics

      Food Crops Research

        Statistics on U.S. smoking rates and tobacco taxation rates for all fifty states. *Source:* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015 [1] *Related Data Story: *State-Level Policies...

        State Workforce by Generation (2011-2015)

        Livestock Research

          Information about the state workforce, broken down into four generational cohorts. *Note:* This dataset has been given a vague name because it is anonymized demo data, not actual state data.