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Smallholder farmers feed material conservation strategies in the tropical dry-lands of South-eastern Kenya Ndathi AJN, Nyangito MM, Musimba NKR, Mitaru BN

Availability of feed is the major constraint to livestock production in the drylands of southeastern Kenya. In an effort to address this problem, this study was carried out to identify and rank feed material conservation strategies being used by the Kamba agro-pastoralists inhabiting this region. 

Ticks and tick-borne disease control in a pastoral and an agro-pastoral farming systems in Kenya Mugambi JM, Wesonga FD, Ndungu SG
Prevalence, intensity and spectrum of helminths of free range pigs in Homabay District, Kenya Obonyo FO, Maingi N, Githigia SM
Climate variability and dry season ruminant livestock feeding strategies in Southeastern Kenya Ndathi AJN, Nyangito MM, Musimba NKR, Mitaru BN
Socio-economic characteristics and perceptions of cattle keepers and constraints to cattle production in Western Kenya Amimo JO, Thumbi S, Inyangala BO, Junga JO, Mosi RO
Knowledge, perceptions on tick-borne diseases and sero-prevalence of Theileria parva around around L.Victoria basin Chenyambuga SW, Waiswa C, Saimo M, Ngumi P,Gwakisa
Socio-economic values and traditional management practices of Tarime zebu cattle in Tanzania Ngowi E E, S W Chenyambuga and P S Gwakisa

This study was conducted to determine the functions and desirable attributes of Tarime cattle found in northern part of Tanzania. Farmers’ breed preferences and willingness to pay for Tarime cattle conservation were also assessed.

Estimating the Potential Economic Benefits of Adopting Bt Cotton in Selected COMESA Countries file Mulwa R, Wafula D, Karembu M, Waithaka M

Cotton farmers in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) face pest challenges, the most destructive of which is the African bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera).

Why Sustainable Management of Xanthomonas Wilt of Banana in East and Central Africa Has Been Elusive Tinzaara W, Karamura EB, Blomme G, Jogo W, Ocimati W, Rietveld A, Kubiriba J, Opio F

Banana is an important food and cash crop and constitutes a large proportion of the total crop production in East and Central African (ECA) countries. Banana production has been threatened by Xanthomonas wilt (BXW) disease caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris pv. musacearum.

Introgressing Striga Resistance from a Mapped Donor Source into a Rwandan Adapted Sorghum Variety Theogene Niyibigira, Kahiu Ngugi, Santie de Villiers, Dan Kiambi, Eunice Mutitu, Sarah Osama, Abigail J. N, Mohamed Abdalla, Rasha Ali, Charles Mugoya, Clet Masiga, Daphrose Gahakwa

Sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] is one of the most important cereal crops globally after wheat, maize, rice, barley and has an important role in the food and fodder security for millions of rural families in arid and semi-arid regions of the world

Regenerability of elite tropical maize (Zea mays L.) inbred lines using immature zygotic embryo explants file LT Bedada, S Seth, SM Runo, W Tefera, M Jesse

Five elite tropical maize inbred lines; CML395, CML443, CML442, MAS [MSR/312]-117-2-2-1-B-5-B) and CML216 as a control, were evaluated for their regenerability making use of calli derived from immature zygotic embryos. 

Private Contracting versus Community Seed Production Systems: Experiences from Farmer-Led Seed Enterprise Development of Indigenous Vegetables in Tanzania ASARECA

The growing scourge of malnutrition due to unhealthy and imbalanced diets has led to increased public health awareness and advocacy for diversifying diets with highly nutritious indigenous vegetables and fruits. 

Nutritional Analysis of Quality Protein Maize Varieties Selected for Agronomic Characteristics in a Breeding Program K. Mbuya, K.K. Nkongolo and A. Kalonji-Mbuyi

Nutritional characteristics of QPM genotypes that have been released are limited. A breeding program has been initiated in 2008 in DR-Congo using varieties selected from several agro-ecological regions.

Strategies for rehabilitation of banana fields infested with Xanthomonas campestris pv. musacrearum Kubiriba Jerome, Muthomi James, Ndungo Vigheri, Kwach Johnson, Erima Rockefeller, Rwomushana Ivan, Tushemereirwe Wilberforce and Opio Fina

Xanthomonas campestris pv.musacrearum causes Banana wilt disease (BXW disease) which occurs at different epidemic phases in East and Central Africa (ECA).

Quantitation of the Total Catechin Content in Oils Extracted from Seeds of Selected Tea (Camellia sinensis (L) O. Kuntze, Theaceae) Clones by RP-HPLC Kelvin Omondi George, Kelvin Okong’o Moseti, John Kanyiri Wanyoko, Thomas Kinyanjui, Francis Nyamu Wachira

Catechins (flavan-3-ols) are polyphenolic plant secondary metabolites that have been strongly associated with a wide variety of beneficial health effects in vitro, in vivo and clinically.